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Candida overgrowth is something most women have battled at least once in her lifetime, most women are unaware of their condition. If you are currently experiencing the following symptoms, you may have candida:
Thick vaginal discharge
Bad breath
White coating on tongue
Joint pain
Loss of sex drive
Brain fog
Cravings for sweets
Gas and bloating
Hormone imbalance
We have designed specialized drug free protocols to help you address this problem.
The T-90 program is an all-natural, non-pharmeceutical, 90 day bootcamp for your testosterone levels (and your overall health). It is possible to double your total testosterone levels without any drug therapy. Having low-T impacts your overall health. Men with low-T increases your risk for heart attack, jeopardizes your bone health, and can have dire consequences on your sex life. There are men in there 80s and 90s who have active sex lives without the assistance of pharmaceuticals. They men don't die of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, nor obesity-related conditions. Our program is designed to increase your T-levels while simultaneously reducing your heart attack risk. 
It's very true, you are what you eat, and what you eat directly affects your mood, weight, and health. As people become more aware of a poor diet and its consequences, there is a growing interest in changing one's diet.
Are you interested in incorporating more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet? Are you curious about going vegetarian but not quite sure how to do it? Are you interested in transitioning to a vegan diet but have concerns about proper nutrition and getting enough protein? Work one-on-one with one of our trained naturopaths to help you create the perfect meal plan to accommodate your dietary needs.

All protocols are 90 days and $499

*Colonic Special - $59(40min)Regular $110

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